Monday, June 11, 2007

Ride 'em Cowboy!

A friend recently took me to the Stumble Inn. We had a blast hanging out with some friends and watching the brave (and/or possible drunk) souls who rode this mechanical bull in front of everyone in the bar. The place has wood floors, antler chandeliers, and this huge pen in the middle where you can pay to ride the bull. I got some great photos, but no bull-riding for me that day.

Posting has been sporadic this week, sorry about that! Thanks for those of you who keep coming back to visit! I love, love, looove my job at the hospital, and I know how lucky I am to be able to say that, but after all, it is a hospital, and we deal with emotional things like illness and death. As an interpreter, I get to know my patients very well sometimes. This past week or so has been very emotional and tiring with one family in particular, and I haven't made it out to take many photos. It's a blessing to know that in some small way, I can help make a difficult time for someone maybe just a tad brighter.
However, my camera and I are planning to spend a lot more quality time together in the upcoming days!! :-)
I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!


Anonymous said...

And people "pay" to get thrown off? Wow. They must make too much money.

Baby raccoons. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.
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Anonymous said...

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