Tuesday, March 6, 2007

The birds are back in town!!!

It seems like several of us have been feeling somewhat limited in subject matter lately. All we see around us is snow, snow, and more SNOW. While snow pictures are indeed often very beautiful, one begins to wonder what it ever felt like to hold a camera with fingers that are not shivering or frostbitten.
Well, I have good news for you (or maybe just for me) - Spring is right around the corner!!! As I was walking downtown on Sunday, camera in one freezing hand and a hot cup of coffee in the other, I walked over to the wall overlooking the lake that I have shown a couple of times. It took me a few seconds for the honking sound to register. I realized what I was hearing just as the lake came into view - it was the honking of GEESE!! The whole view of the lake was FULL of birds. They were walking around on the still-frozen area, and groups would suddenly take off, and fly around a bit in V-formation, then gracefully land together once again on the ice. It was beautiful, but my favorite part was that the birds (who are lucky enough to fly south for the whole winter) know when it's time to come back. So, I'm crossing my fingers that it means that Spring is almost here!
This great lamp post is part of a park downtown devoted to Nebraska wildlife. I'll show more pictures of the area in the next few days. I also took some pictures of the real birds, themselves, but distance kept me from getting a shot that would do justice to the view that I had - hence the lamp post stand-ins!!

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Dsole said...

As I was reading your post I was wondering if they were real ducks!!
A closer view clarified me at all.. I think I need to clean my contact lents! :S
Ok, that's as good signal indeed, but don't say it too loud... In Madrid the weather today is winter-like! after these warm days we have been enjoyed...
Anyway, thank u for your answer and I'm sorry to hear that new about the old building. It's a shame that we don't keep old things... I mean, this kind of buildings sometimes gives character to a city!