Monday, March 5, 2007

A reflection of the past......

So, I'm excited that I got to be outside for a bit taking pictures on Sunday without freezing. I was walking by the Union Pacific building (I posted about UP here), and snapped this picture. The fun part is that the building in the reflection is the old UP headquarters building. The real buildings aren't quite so different in height as they appear here, but it definitely gives one a sense of the history of the company.
Ok, I did a little more research and I'm really sad!!! The area surrounding the building is blocked off (you'd think I would have figured it out), but I just read that it is scheduled for demolition this spring! I know that it is part of what is making Omaha a much more attractive and modern city, but it's a little sad. Part of what I love about the downtown area is the feeling of history. Here is a an article that gives more info on the development in Omaha for those who are interested.


Dsole said...

you mean this is the new building for the UP no?
and the old is just in front of, but it's on use now too?

Omaheña said...

Actually, I don't know what is happening in the old one. You can still see where it used to say Union Pacific, but the letters were taken off. I'll have to find out!