Saturday, March 3, 2007

Still snow - but this time in downtown!!

We are still buried in snow here, and it is verrrrry cold. Yesterday's photo was from Thursday's blizzard - Omaha had about 12 inches of snow, almost 60mph winds, and it was the first time since 1998 that a blizzard warning was issued in Omaha. Pretty amazing storm. The roads are still not the greatest, and I don't want you all to think that my balcony is the best place to take pictures in Omaha, so I will give you this picture today, that I took last week in the park in downtown. You can see a few of the downtown buildings, one of which houses the Omaha World Herald, our largest newspaper. It's hard to tell, but the lower part in the middle of the park is a lake. You can see a little island in the middle. It's frozen now, (I haven't tried skating on it yet this year, but I did as a child), but in the summer there are lots of ducks. When I was younger, we always had to make sure we had two things when we went to the park: bread for the ducks and waxed paper. Sounds weird? Tomorrow I'll show you what the waxed paper is all about.
**This picture was taken after last week's snowstorm. I can imagine what it looks like now after this past Thursday's blizzard. Click on the link for more details of the blizzard.


Dsole said...

Cool shot! I think your post is very descriptive, very clear.
Your photo reminds me of som pic I took 2 years ago of a park next to my hose. i think I'm going to post it since this year hadn't snowed it Madrid!
I'll send you the link later ;)

Dsole said...

okey, it's me again... I've just posted it those photos in my other blog, here's the link ;)

Fabrizio ikol22 said...

You may be in right anyway I think your balcony is one of the best place to take pictures in Omaha :-) -- Waiting for tomorrow description of waste papers

alice said...

Nice shot but a question is still without answer: where are the ducks???
Omahena, why don't you try to write also in French? I'm sure you're able to and it's a good exercise!

Omaheña said...

dsole - Thanks for the compliment and for the link to your photos! They are great!

Fabrizio - My balcony is definitely one of the most comfortable places I can take pictures!! I have a sofa there, and I can relax with a hot chocolate, a coffee, or a glass of wine and take all the pictures I want to....if only that didn't give such a limited view of my city!!

Alice - Thanks for the confidence! I will try to write some short descriptions in French - you are right, it would be gooood practice. Oh, yeah, and I saw some ducks/geese today! They fly south for the winter (I wish I could do that!), but they were back today, so that must mean spring is coming! :-)

Dsole said...

oh, and thank u again for your snowy link! I can see the ducks! ;)
¿hacía mucho frío ahí afuera?

Omaheña said...

jeje, bueno, SI, mucho frio, pero no tanto como ayer. la radio dijo que la temperatura estaba en 41 grados F...o sea como 5 celsio. sali bien abrigadita y con un cafe caliente.