Sunday, March 4, 2007

Got Wax Paper????

So, I mentioned yesterday that Wax paper was a necessary item for any trip to the park downtown. Well, ta daaa!!! Here is the reason! These big slides are a blast for children of ALL ages, but they are much MORE fun when you sit on wax paper. With no friction thanks to the wax paper, we used to go down so fast that we would fly off the end - and I mean really fly....several feet....and try to not land on our rear ends. The whole pit at the bottom is sand, so it's not as hard as cement. However, I guess too many people got hurt, so they built the extensions at the bottom, which totally took half the fun away. (My generation survived the falls just fine, but you know how things change.)


Fabrizio ikol22 said...

Ahah really nice to see what wax paper (and not waste as I said) was used for. Then what I like more reading your description is that Children are children everywhere and doesn't mind culture, latitude or so :-)

Helen said...

They have to go and ruin everything! Half the fun of being a kid is landing on your rear end!

Dsole said...

Oh, you're right, nowadays kids are just so fragile or what?
That seems really funny! When I was little I used to slide myself along the snow field with a plastic bag in my back, and it was so funny!

alice said...

Please, find someone who will film you on this toboggan!

Omaheña said...

fabrizio - yes, it's true: children (and some adults!) are children everywhere

helen - yeah, that's what we thought, too! All the kids were so angry when they built those extensions.

dsole - yup, kids are so fragile that we have to keep them inside playing video games and eating all day long! (that, however, is a whole other topic!)

alice - When it's warm enough to go down, I'll take some pics!!