Thursday, February 22, 2007

A castle in Omaha!!

One thing that I love about travelling is being in places where it feels like HISTORY has happened. I love going to ruins, and I love any kind of an area that makes me feel as if I have been transported back in time. Omaha is relatively young. We don't have ancient ruins or huge medieval castles. However, we do have Joslyn Castle. It was built in 1903 as a private residence for a businessman and his wife. What's funny is that it is on 40th street, which used to be the "outskirts" of Omaha (the streets go in number order up from 1 as you go west). Now, the west outskirts of Omaha would be somewhere around 200th street. I grew up partly in this neighborhood and can remember running and playing around here when I was younger. It is a beautiful house. I took several pictures that show off the house a little better, but I liked this one with the sky, tree, and shadows the best.


Jilly said...

Wow! You don't expect to see such a castle in Omaha - as you said. I suppose people have often built their dreams and why not?

Thankyou so much for passing by my DP blog yesterday.


Dsole said...

And then you close your eyes and try to imagine how they lived in those years, their clothes, their way to speak. It's like a tiny travel to the past!
Nice castle and post!
Greetings from Las Palmas ;)