Monday, February 19, 2007

Memorial Park

The snowboarding picture that I posted yesterday was taken at Memorial Park. It is a large park in the center of Omaha honoring those men and women from Omaha who died in World War II. It is a large open park, with plenty of trees and open grassy areas. There is a large concert held every year here along with one of the best fireworks displays around. On a typical warm day you can see plenty of people out enjoying the park with their kids, their dogs, or sometimes groups will organize football or soccer games on the largest open area. It was nice yesterday (during our heatwave of +/- 30 degrees Fahrenheit) to walk around a little bit in the snow and see people once again out enjoying the sun with their dogs. I prefer the park with a little less snow and a little more warmth, but the view was definitely pretty yesterday with the setting sun casting looong shadows.


Nikon said...

Hi, nice shots, I hope that you have good luck with your site.
Didn't know you guys were getting the cold, too.

Chris & Deb said...

I remember sledding here as a kid....thanks for the memory!

Dsole said...

What a beautiful day! Even it's cold there so much sun over there... today here is grey and dark... But parks are always so nice to take a walk :)