Thursday, February 15, 2007

Have snow....must sled!!!


One great thing about all of this snow in Omaha is SLEDDING!! If there is still snow over the weekend, then I will go to the major sledding places and try to get a good shot. For now, this is the best sledding place I've seen. I walked up to my friends' house tonight and realized that their entire front stairs (this is only the top half), down to the street, was only half cleared for walking. The snow had been left on the other half, and very obviously had been already well-used as a sledding "hill" leading down to a bump, made by plowed snow, that ideally keeps you from going right into the street. This was one of my favorite things about winter as a kid, and I would have loved to have these stairs to sled down!


Anonymous said...

Oh, no in pyjamas and without gloves :), not here anyway because of a frost. Otherwise a good idea, stairs and sledge.
Nice sledding for everyone there!

Omaheña said...

Wow...oops...maybe I should have clarified that it was a posed photo! He wasn't actually going to sled. He wanted to! I was just going to take pics of the snow, but he saw me and came outside...and of course, like any 8 yr old boy he claimed he was not cold. I only let him stay outside for the 1 min it took me to snap the pic. Don't worry - no frostbite on my watch! :-)

Anonymous said...

Yes, I understood the situation, I was just joking.
I have four grandchildren 7 -11 years and two of them are here just now for a winter holiday. Something is happening all the time :)
Good weekend to you!