Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Dancing ghosts??

Dsole, from Madrid Daily Photo, a super nice commenter, and who has some great photos on her blog (really, go check it out!), was nice enough to comment yesterday that maybe I would show a little of the interesting happenings that go on in the great downtown buildings. I would love to! And I'm sure there will be many more to come. I usually hang out down there more often when it is warmer out, because it is so much fun to walk around then, rather than now in the snow. However, this is another photo that I took at the Arte del Amor event that I posted about a couple of weeks ago. In case you missed it, check out that post for more info on the event. The Dance Party was held at the Bemis Art Gallery, which is located in one of those great buildings in the Old Market. (Not one from yesterday's photo, but similar.) The room in this picture was for dancing to salsa music all night long. It was great fun. Now, I'm not sure if the craziness of this photo had more to do with me playing around with my camera settings or with the fact that the entrance fee included open bar all night long! Just kidding...it was dark, and I'm just learning to use the more "fun" settings on my camera. This was supposedly one of the mistake photos, but I actually kind of like it. Here is another one where you can see there are actual people dancing, and not ghosts.

(Side note: It is a newish camera, so bear with me as I learn to be a better photographer)

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Dsole said...

Hey! Thank u for your kind words :)

I like a lot this kind of ghostly pics! Something magical over there! Nice party! ;)