Monday, February 26, 2007

Is 20 posts an Anniversary?? :-)

Ok, just kidding. But it's fun for me that this is my 20th post! And I'm so excited to look back and see the comments that other city photo bloggers have left for me!! Thank you all so much for making me feel welcome as I join in on the fun.

Here are a few more of the buildings from The Old Market, the downtown area of Omaha. I took several pictures in this area over the weekend, but I was more focused on the snow!
Here is a little bit of what the official Old Market website has to say about the area:
"The Old Market district was crucial to the commercial development of Omaha as the wholesale jobbing area flourished in the 1880’s and continued well into the twentieth century. The district, then comprised of former light industrial and warehouse buildings and wholesale jobbing houses, served as the distribution center for a variety of goods shipped on the Union Pacific Railroad and its branch lines all the way to the west coast. Today, the Old Market Omaha is a multi-block collection of renovated brick warehouses, quaint storefronts, old-fashioned lampposts, uneven brick streets, horse-drawn carriages and street-side musicians."

Definitely more to come on this area. Especially later in the year. When it's warmer outside, people hang out in the Old Market at all hours of the day and evening. There are always interesting things happening.

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Dsole said...

Hi there!
20 post it worths totally for an anniversary!
It's so exciting, you're right, and I love reading all your comments too, makes me so happy! :)
So, maybe someday you can show us one of this interesting activities that take place in that building, uh?
See you!