Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Lunch outside - is it Spring yet???

I was driving during lunch (to get a Jimmy John's sandwich!) when I noticed this group eating outside. I was so excited to see people getting to enjoy the day outside that I snapped this pic while I waited for the stoplight to change. Unfortunately, I think that Spring has only been here temporarily the last couple of days. I hear we are supposed to get another snowstorm this weekend.

This is a new Jimmy John's sandwich shop that has just opened up close to my work, and I think I'm in love. They have cheap, delicious sandwiches with fresh ingredients, the staff is super friendly, and they only charge 50 cents for delivery with no minimum order (well, I guess a one sandwich minimum). So, I have already eaten here 3 times this week, and must somehow try to restrain for a bit.

I spent the rest of my lunch time taking pictures at another nearby landmark - the Joslyn Castle. Yup, you read right, we actually have a castle in Omaha!!! It was built in the early 1900s (haha, that's old for here!:-) ) and is now used for events and tours. It is beautiful and I will be posting a few pics in the next few days.


Pod said...

i think i'd rather a sunburnt bottom (which i currently have) than a frostbitten anything....
thanks for your comment

Victoria said...

I'm glad to see people enjoying the change in weather. People were so relieved to not be buried in snow that some here were actually wearing shorts today!

Also, Jimmy John's does have the best sandwiches.

santy said...

So, will Jimmy John's open a branch in Jakarta? LOL! Would love to taste their sandwiches :)

Omaheña said...

Ha, ha, I don't know...maybe we can email the restaurant and see how far away their franchises can be!