Tuesday, May 8, 2007

"Just Married"

Dsole has a good eye! Down in the lower corner of yesterday's photo, you can see the back of this trolley and it's announcement! I almost switched yesterday's photo because it would give this one away. I thought maybe no one would notice, but Dsole was quick! The wedding party in the trolley seemed to enjoy themselves immensely as they toured around the Old Market. Many pedestrians cheered and yelled congratulations as they saw the trolley pass by. This trolley can be rented for weddings, but also for other groups. I have seen it around town since I was little. He is "Ollie, the Trolley", and I will show a couple more pictures of him in the next few days, but today was for Dsole! (Make sure to check out her site, also! She takes some great photographs of Madrid!)


Anonymous said...

I have never seen a "wedding trolly" before. When Patty and I got married they were still doing things to new married couples called, "Belling." Belling meant all kinds of things but we were put in the back of a truck and driven to the county seat where the truck blew it horn frantically and the cars behind the truck all blew their horns and we rode around the city doing that until the police chased us out of town. And we, the newlyweds, were sitting in the truck in the back on stacks of straw.

Sometimes they would put cereal in the bed between the sheets. Loosen the legs on the bed so it would fall down. Crazy stuff. All us old people went through "Belling" and the biggest bell around would be rung for a long time and people would beat on pots and pans.

The Wedding Trolly looks easy.

And Patty and I have been married for 52 years. Imagine that.

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david santos said...

I like trolly and you picture is fantastic! Thank you and have a good day

Dsole said...

thank youuuuu!!
I have a little surprise for you too ;)