Friday, May 18, 2007

M's Pub

Here we have a couple more of the beautiful old buildings of the market. On the first floor of the one in front, you can see M's Pub, which is one of my favorite restaurants in the Old Market. It is THE place to enjoy a nice relaxing glass of wine out on the patio, watching the people stroll by. Here is what the founder has to say about the place - quote taken from M's Pub's website:

We opened for business on January 18, 1973, to an enthusiastic clientele which we have tried never to disappoint. The present owners cherish the Pub, and have greatly embellished the menu which remains imaginative and unusual.

Is it a restaurant or is it a Pub? Is it, perhaps, closer to being a European cafe? You, dear customer, may be the judge. For it is you who rule in this establishment.

--Mary Vogel, founder of M's Pub in 1972

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Martel said...

A historical Pub. In Martel we have a coffee him also very historical.

My blog photographs one Martel