Saturday, May 12, 2007


This one of my favorite stores down in the Old Market! They have beautiful clothing, decor, and jewelry items. I can almost imagine I am in a far away place as I browse through the beautiful hand-made items from India with the fragrance of incense all around. This is the first store in sight as you enter the Passageway that I showed the other day. This photo shows the outside entrance, but there is a door inside the store that leads to the Passageway. Most of the stores that you can access from inside the Passageway also have doors leading to the outside. It really makes the Passageway seem like a secret world inside.


Emily Lin said...

It looks like a vintage store or something. Does it sells vintage clothing and vintage accessories?

Have a nice sunday!

Anonymous said...

Your photograph of this secret world inside is very nice. The narrative is interesting too.

I have celebrated this day, Mother's Day in my country, with a magazine cover for my wife. I hope you can see it.

Anonymous said...

Seeing this photo brings back fond memories. My husband and I lived in Papillion for five years while he was stationed at Offutt AFB. Souq and New Realities were my favorite stores in Old Market, and it was nice to see a picture. We miss Omaha, but not the harsh winters! =) Its been nearly three years since we transferred to a base on the east coast, and we often say that we'd rather be back in Omaha than live in our current location.

I have added your blog to my favorites. Cheers!